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Пн, Июн 28, 2021 02:31pm [Аноним] - 417 дней назад

Trucking company is looking for an experienced safety person in safety department, at least 2 years of experience, must be bilingual ( English And Russian).


- Monitoring ELD system
- Conducting training and safety operation
- Managing pre-employment random drug test programs
- Auditing files periodically and making sure all drivers and vehicle documents and systems are up to date.

Salary is $1200-$1700 depends on experience and responsibilities. Please call or text for more details at 773-837-7824. Location is 60008
Вт, Июн 29, 2021 01:14pm [Аноним] - 416 дней назад

Ср, Июн 30, 2021 09:21am [Аноним] - 415 дней назад

Чт, Июл 1, 2021 07:44am [Аноним] - 414 дней назад

Ср, Июл 7, 2021 01:36pm [Аноним] - 408 дней назад

Чт, Июл 8, 2021 09:14am [Аноним] - 407 дней назад

Пт, Июл 9, 2021 09:11am [Аноним] - 406 дней назад

Сб, Ноя 13, 2021 09:50am [Аноним] - 279 дней назад

Ср, Мар 2, 2022 11:30am [Аноним] - 170 дней назад

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