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Пт, Мар 24, 2017 01:30pm [Аноним] - 512 дней назад

Rapidly Company seeks a dynamic sales person, who loves to sell face to face. A reliable car and valid driver's license is a must.
As our dynamic Outside Sales Representative, you must be a self-starter, outgoing, well organized, and have persuasive communication skills, feel confident and comfortable speaking on the telephone and meeting new people.

What we offer:
Must be legal
Full-time position M-F
Monthly/ yearly bonuses
Hourly wage plus very competitive commission!!!
Previous experience is a plus
Bilinguals (Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Polish) is a plus but not necessary
Пт, Мар 24, 2017 01:32pm [Аноним] - 512 дней назад

You can apply through this link

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