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experienced dispatch FLATBED needed
Ср, Май 15 09:05am [Аноним] - 123 дня назад

Hey. We are looking for experienced dispatch on Dry Van and more important FLATBED. Please send your resume on and please attache desired compensation info. We are located in Downers Grove, IL. Thanks.
Ср, Май 15 09:58am [Аноним] - 123 дня назад

Ср, Май 15 11:24am [Аноним] - 123 дня назад

Ср, Май 15 01:44pm Nataliya Basarab - 123 дня назад

Good day, My name is Natalia. I have an experience workihg for logistics company Skilimit logistic. I have been working there for 6 months. Worked remotely, communication through the Viber.I completed the online setups, booked loads in ProTransport. My phone +380676723560.
Ср, Май 15 04:57pm [Аноним] - 123 дня назад

Natalia, are you in USA?
Ср, Май 15 10:58pm [Аноним] - 122 дня назад

I got 4 years experience dispatching flatbeds. Easily can cover 12-13 trucks. Really good at what I’m doing. $275 per truck, per week. If this is something you can do let me know and I will call
Чт, Май 16 01:06pm Nataliya Basarab - 122 дня назад

I am from Ukraine. I worked with billing.
Чт, Май 16 01:17pm [Аноним] - 122 дня назад

+380676723560 This is Kyivstar provider. You are kidding )))
Чт, Май 16 01:17pm [Аноним] - 122 дня назад

+380676723560 This is Kyivstar provider. You are kidding )))
Пн, Май 20 12:22pm Nataliya Basarab - 118 дней назад

Пт, Май 24 05:04pm [Аноним] - 114 дней назад

Anonim, who can easily cover 12-13 guys
how to find you?
Пн, Май 27 09:31pm [Аноним] - 110 дней назад

if you cover 12-13 trucks you do not care what kind of load you take. well why should you? it does not matter that there will be no profit for owners at least you get some gross. these type of dispatchers is why truckers do not make money

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