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Russian Tutor for Kids & Adults, Native Speaker
Вт, Окт 6, 2015 07:42pm Julia [] - 1228 дней назад

All my life I have been passionate for learning foreign languages and discovering different cultures, traveling to faraway countries, and meeting new people. A couple of years ago I found myself extremely interested in teaching people my own language, Russian, and introducing them to rich and beautiful Russian culture. I have tutored both children and adults, people who already knew some language and people who didn't speak a word.

My graduate thesis explored early years’ language development of bilingual children. I truly believe that each person should know their heritage language to be closer to their relatives.

My education style is to adapt to the needs of the student and their learning type. Lessons can be predominantly conversational or more academic with a focus on the grammatical building blocks. Students can get better value by setting tasks to be completed outside of lessons. The secret is to enjoy it!
Ср, Окт 7, 2015 12:01am [Аноним] - 1228 дней назад

My own language< семантически неподходящее слово "own" в глаза бросается. Как будто вы придумали язык и теперь хотите обучать этому языку.

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