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Dispatcher Van/ Reefer
Пн, Май 6 12:32pm Schaumburg, IL - 161 день назад

Trucking company is looking for a dispatch. Experienced person is preferred, but we will train the right candidate
- Good English
- Work under pressure
- Motivated and learn quickly
- Strong communication skills

Please text few words about yourself: where did you work before and what position you are apply.
Ph# 224-698-1269

Location: Schaumburg, IL 60173
Вт, Май 7 01:18pm [Аноним] - 159 дней назад

Пн, Май 13 06:41am [Аноним] - 154 дня назад

Чт, Май 23 03:22am [Аноним] - 144 дня назад

Чт, Июн 20 10:47am Irina - 116 дней назад

Hello my name is Irina, recently finished an intensive training dispatch course. I don't have experience, but the dispatch training which I graduated will help me learn fast. Also, since my boyfriend is a truck driver, I am familiar with many stuff from the perspective of a driver.

My native language is romanian (or Moldovian, depends who you ask 🤔 ), also I speak a conversational russian, and as you expect, english.
Before I worked as a server at Olive Garden, this helped me to develop communication skills and be able to work under the pressure. I was born in a village, so "hardworking" is my second name. My focus will be to bring value to your company and do the BEST I can!
Of course, I have SSN, driver license, car and a lot of ENERGY to invest in this job.

I live currently in Buffalo Grove area, and looking to work for YOU!

Can be reached at or 2244338176

Note: inexperience isn't always a bad thing, this way you will gain loyal employees and they are first people willing to learn and adapt. (and cost effective 🤔 )
Пт, Июн 21 10:11am Dimitar Anastasov - 115 дней назад

Would you like a remote work ,I am located in Bulgaria ,I lived in Chicago for 10 years,perfect English ,low salary

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