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Looking for Full Time Cleaning Ladies
Пт, Мар 16, 2018 11:27am Avital - 309 дней назад

I am looking for Full Time Cleaning Ladies
For house cleaning

I've got different customers:
♦ Mostly it's a regular house cleaning and move in/out cleaning
♦ Sometimes it's a post-construction cleaning
♦ Sometimes it's a basic cleaning or deep cleaning

From Monday to Saturday

● I pay $16 per hour plus $2 per hour for gas and suрplies and tolls (so $18 per hour)
● Plus you will get a lot of good tips from customers because most my jobs are one time customers from google.
● Sometimes it will be one job per day sometimes 2 or 3.
● Usually each job is for 3 to 4 hours
● You will have an average of 35 to 50 hours per week
● You must be available from Monday to Saturday
● Sometimes (not to often) you have to do 3rd job at 6 pm or 7 pm (if you cant work late please don't write to me)
● Most jobs are in Chicago and close suburbs but sometimes a job will be far like Joliet or Antioch or Elgin (if you are not willing to go to far suburbs please don't write to me) and Chicago downtown
● You must have your own cleaning suрplies and equipment (vacuum, mop etc)
● You must have social security. I pay by checks and report all earnings to the Irs.


Call Martin 773-850-9103
Чт, Мар 22, 2018 04:40pm [Аноним] - 302 дня назад


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