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Пт, Сен 22, 2017 12:13pm Pavel - 421 день назад


A trucking company in Elk Grove Village, IL is seeking to hire a Safety Assistant. TheFleet Safety Assistant position will be responsible for effectively overseeing

TheFleet Safety Assistant position will be responsible for effectively overseeing the implementation of safety programs and ensuring the overall safety regulation compliance of the company`s fleet.


- Perform log book audits for company drivers and ensure Hours of Servicecompliance;

- Implement safety plans designed to meet operational goals to reduce accidents and violations and reverse negative safety trends;

- Implement training programs for new hires and continuing education for company truck drivers.

- Pre-qualify prospective drivers maintain safety files and ensure compliance with

- Maintain safety files and ensure compliance with DOTRequirements.

Previous safety/book keeping experience in transportation is preferred

College degree is preferred but not required

Working knowledge of DOT, FMCSA and other applicable state and federalstatutes/regulations preferred

CALL TODAY: 847-553-4214

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