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$18/h full or part time house cleaning job with own car
Пт, Ноя 24, 2017 03:28pm Martin - 205 дней назад

$18/h full or part time house cleaning job with own car

Must have:
● experience in house cleaning
● Speak English (enough to clean houses)
● Own a car
● Cleaning equipment and supplies
● Have social security or irs number (I pay by check, I DON'T pay cash)
● Have smartphone (you will have to install hours/location trucking application)
● Sign contract with me that you will not take my clients

Most jobs are one time only like moving in/out cleaning, after construction cleaning, deep cleaning.
Some times Its regular cleaning. MOST TIMES CUSTOMERS GIVING BIG TIPS

If you can work Sundays its a plus (but you don’t have too)
I pay every week or every day it is up to you (you have collect your check in Schiller park)
I require 1 week deposit (for full time position only, no deposit for part time employees)

Please call after 7 pm from monday to friday, before 7 pm please text me
you can call all days saturdays and sundays

773-850-9103 Martin

Вс, Ноя 26, 2017 12:59am Nomin - 203 дня назад

I have 3 years cleaning experience but I don’t have a car
3126622046 thank you
Пн, Ноя 27, 2017 01:53pm Akai - 202 дня назад

Phone number 7044518241
Вт, Ноя 28, 2017 02:34pm Beka не принимает email - 201 день назад

Beka 8479247872
Ср, Ноя 29, 2017 03:05pm [Аноним] - 200 дней назад

704-451-8241 Akai

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