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Move Specialist / Dispatch
Сб, Апр 16, 2016 09:18am [Аноним] - 945 дней назад

Move Specialist position is open within a fast growing local moving company. The Move Consultant is responsible for growing sales, completing sales and booking appointment. By providing outstanding customer services to all customers through in-depth knowledge of company services and products, this person should be able to accomplish all responsibilities stated below.

Job Responsibilities:

• Act as the first point of contact for new and existing customers to establish a connection and build confidence.
• Determine customer requirements and expectations
• Accurately evaluate job requirements to provide accurate estimates, crew size and availability.
• Calmly and professionally handles displeased customers to make sure any issues are resolved to their satisfaction
• All other duties as assigned.

• Good verbal and written English proficiency
• Intermediate typing skills
• Great communication skills
• Excellent customer service skills with the ability to go above and beyond for our customers
• Ability to multi-task and stay organized

Please provide us with your contact information and we will cal you back.
Вс, Апр 17, 2016 09:24pm [Аноним] - 944 дня назад

Hello! I interested in this position! 224-518-6555

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