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Сб, Окт 24, 2015 08:10am Lidya - 972 дня назад

Is it possible to find non paid internship before hiring(in accounting, booking,safety department,dispatching department)(I have all required documents)?
Thank you in advance.
Сб, Окт 24, 2015 08:35am [Аноним] - 972 дня назад

Of course imaging possible in America
Сб, Окт 24, 2015 10:45am [Аноним] - 972 дня назад

My advice,non paid??Dont be fool ,looks like begging .If you have all the required documents you just need to knock at all doors.Go to interviews.There are companies that can help you.Check Accounting Principles in Schaumburg,if you are as you say they might help you.I did apply with them and they are good.Note,they work with american companies.

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