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Door sales manager
Вт, Сен 25, 2018 07:45pm [Аноним] - 177 дней назад

Company Overview:
A-S Marketing is a sales and marketing company that has clients in NWI and Chicago land area. We provide our clients with assistance in sales, advertising, social media marketing, branding, design, fundraising, etc. Some of our clients are: ADT, Chicago Tribune, Post Tribune, Daily Southown, Now Home Adjustments, Fredd Construction, and more. We offer flexible hours, fun work environments, growth opportunities, great compensation, and real-world experience. We are expanding and in search of talented individuals to add to our team.

Job Title:
Door Sales Manager

Door sales manager will responsible for managing, recruiting, interviewing, maintaining, training, and building a door to door sales team. Door sales manager will run a team of sales representatives and take them to designated cities daily, in a work van, and manage the sales rep's sales performances. Door sales manager will be responsible for meeting quotas, training classes, daily production reports, sales reports, expense reports, recruiting reports, and payroll for sales representatives.

Post Tribune and Daily Southown print/digital newspaper. We offer a discounted rate to customers: 8 weeks of the daily newspaper for $10.00. We give the customer a gift for subscribing, normally a $5.00 gift card - Easy sale.

Work Schedule:
Minimum of 40 hours per week. Managing the sales crew is from 3pm - 8pm on weekdays and 10am - 6pm on weekends. Sales crew management is a minimum of 5 days per week. Reports and paperwork will be done at the company office weekday mornings.

Manager is required to have reliable transportation with a valid driver's license, reliable communication, people skills, ability to work unsupervised, time management skills, managing skills, leader skills, quick witted, training skills, ambitious. Management must learn and be knowledgeable on all sales aspects to lead a team of sales representatives - learn a proven sales pitch that is designed to produce daily sales, learn sales rebuttals to overcome sales objections, meet weekly sales goals, have product knowledge, and be comfortable with sales materials.

REQUIRED: Sales experience (preferably door to door) and High School Diploma

$500.00 per week salary plus commission on personal sales and commission from door sales team production. Door sales managers average $60,000.00 - $75,000.00 annually.

Apply: Call 219-433-5778 (Leave voicemail) or email

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